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Media news

Introducing Self-supporting truck shelving

by David Cullen, Editor, Fleet Owner Magazine

Mar 3, 2005 1:40 PM

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. Taylor-Ready System (TRS) shelving for parcel delivery and dry-freight trucks was introduced here at the National Truck Equipment Assn.'s Work Truck Show.

The system, distributed by Adrian Steel, is designed to maximize cargo capacity while using up as little space and weight as possible. A self-supporting universal frame attaches only to the floor of the truck body so there is no need to drill holes into the side frame or ceiling.

According to the maker, once the system's shelves and other accessories (such as E-track and D-rings) are attached to the secure frame they have the ability to carry more weight. And because of its few attachments to the truck body, truck resale value will be increased and the TRS shelving can be recycled. The lightweight, foldable aluminum shelves can be installed at whichever heights are needed in 1.5-in. increments.

The system is warranted for 3 years/36,000 miles when installed by an authorized Adrian Steel distributor.


TRS on display at the 2005 NTEA WORK TRUCK SHOW BOOTH #6137 with our distributor, Adrian Steel.


LINDEN, NJ, The first flexible shelving system for delivery vehicles that is foldable and adjustable was launched today by ETAi, a developer of innovative truck accessories. Designed to meet the unique needs of parcel delivery vans and trucks, the new Taylor-Ready System (TRS) has unmatched weight capacity (up to 100 lbs per linear foot of shelf space) along with more cubic feet of shelf and carrying capacity than any other product on the market.

Designed for maximum flexibility and capacity, the shelving system is anchored to its own self- supporting interior frame, rather than relying on the weak walls of the truck body as support. The unique interior frame design increases weight capacity of the shelves or anything attached to it, and eliminates the risk of damaging the truck body walls.

The TRS system is available to fit most vehicles, including sprinter vans, parcel delivery vans as well as dry freight and insulated refrigerated van bodies. To give users maximum flexibility in configuring their vehicle, it also works with E-Track, D-Rings and other accessories that can be anchored to an extremely strong yet lightweight frame.

“Our new Taylor-Ready System is the strongest, most flexible shelving system available for Sprinter vans and truck bodies today,” said Peter Cantone, VP of Marketing for ETAi. “Up until now, standardized delivery cargo shelving systems were not designed for Sprinter vans or box trucks. In order for parcel delivery, florist, vending companies and others to create an efficient shelving system, they needed to custom fabricate something to fit their needs costing both time and money. The framework our system is designed on allows these same companies to create their own setup that is not only more cost effective but engineered better. Once the framework is installed, any number of shelves or accessories can be added.”

Even when folded up, the patent-pending design allows for minimal obstructions under each shelf designed to maximize the space of the truck body or Sprinter van.

Unlike other shelving systems that cause unsightly protrusions on the exterior of the truck body from the attachments to the truck body walls, the TRS systems reliance on an interior frame makes it easier and less costly to apply signage to the outside of the vehicle without working around the fasteners.

“The new TRS system for my Dodge Sprinter Van has done a lot for my new business venture with FEDEX Home Delivery,” said John Martinez, Jr. of Rojam Enterprises. “The efficient use of space, and the fact it can be customized with shelving on both sides of the van allows me to be more productive and efficient in my business.” (need to get approval from customer to use quote).

Available immediately from Adrian Steel distributors throughout the United States, the Taylor-Ready System is available to fit most vehicles, from Sprinter vans to parcel delivery vans to 26 ft dry freight van bodies. For ordering information or to find a distributor in your area, call Adrian Steel at 800-677-2726 or visit www.adriansteel.com or for more information on the Taylor-Ready System go to: www.t-rs.com .

According to Cantone, “We partnered with Adrian Steel to utilize the strength of their wide ranging distribution network and solid reputation in the truck equipment industry to get our patent-pending product to market in the most effective way possible.”

ETAi, based in Linden, NJ, is the developer of unique van and truck accessories, including the Taylor-Ready System.