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If I only want shelves on one side of the truck body, what do I need to purchase? Whatever truck body or vehicle type, you will always need to purchase the full frame designated for that body or vehicle type.

What depths can I order the shelves in?

They come in 19” and 24” depths.

How long are the shelves (or wide)?

They come in 72”, 42” and 24” lengths.

If I wanted to put a 72” shelf on one side, could I place a 42” shelf on the opposite side of the truck body?

Yes. The system works in pairs with regards to the frame. Opposing sides’ frames must be the same, but the shelf length could be changed from 72” to 42” provided the frame is a 72” post kit. If it is a 42” post kit, it would be limited to 42” shelves. Please consult with your installer.

What are the shelves made out of?

Aluminum – Different material will be available in the future (i.e. wood, perforated, steel, etc.)

What kind of weight can the shelves hold?

With two rows of shelves on one side, each 19” shelf could hold up to 60 lbs per linear foot.

With two rows of shelves on one side, each 24” shelf could hold up to 100 lbs per linear foot.