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The Taylor-Ready System (TRS) is designed to maximize cargo capacity while using up as little space and weight as possible. With attachments primarily to the floor of the truck body, the self-supporting universal frame does not rely on the weak truck body walls for support; rather it’s engineered so that shelves and other accessories (i.e. E-Track and D-Rings) could be anchored to a secure frame. Being that the shelves and other accessories are attached to a secure frame, they have the ability to carry more weight than those that rely on the weak truck body walls for their support. Because of its few attachments to the truck body, the resale of the truck is increased and the TRS product can be recycled. The lightweight aluminum shelves can then be installed at whichever heights needed (in four inch increments). The shelves can be left stationary or can be folded for more flexibility. The ability to quickly change the way shelves are setup increases the amount of ways a truck can carry cargo- more options, more uses.

A nationwide network of Adrian Steel Distributors facilitates installation.

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